About Defart

Defart is …

  • a visual programming system for sony AIBOs.
  • developed for writing game programs of RoboCup Soccer Four Legged League.
  • aimed at easy-to-use programming system for beginner.
  • separated into PC side and AIBO side. PC side is written in Squeak, and AIBO side is written in C++ and OPEN/R SDK.

Using Defart, You can …

  • write programs only by using mouse.
  • create AIBO motions, and use them in your codes.
  • get images from AIBO’s camera through wireless networks, also control the AIBO remotely.
  • get some ideas about technics and technologies of robot programming.

Typical Programming Window

  • Above figure is typical programming window of the Defart system.
  • All programs are represented by State Transition Networks.
  • You can make many State Transition Networks in a program and relate to each other.
  • Circles mean states and arrows mean actions.
  • Each arrow has its condition and corresponding action.
  • When a condition of arrow is true, its corresponding action will be taken.
  • You can select conditions and actions using only mouse.
  • Keyboard is needed only for writing comments.

Conditions, Actions and more.

  • There are many conditions and actions of arrows.
  • Visual conditions is often used. It checks if any objects (ball, goal, marker) is specified range.
  • Other conditions are Timer, Counter and so on.
  • Actions are moving around, searching objects and changing facial expression.
  • If the Defart system and AIBOs are connected through the wireless connection, user can control AIBO remotely.

Required System

  • OPEN-R SDK 1.1.5 r3.(This service will close at May 2007.)
  • Squeak 2005J. (Japanese version only)
  • Windows, Linux (Debian), Mac OS X